1. Do I have to register as a Bidder to bid?
    YES. A Bidder must register by providing the required information in the application form. Also, the Bidder shall need to confirm the registration by clicking the specified link in the DOR's automatic email to the Bidder requesting conformation.
  2. Does a Bidder need to pay for registration?
  3. In case of Joint Venture, on what company name a Bidder have to register and what details have to be filled?
    If bidding in Joint venture, Bidder's name should be the name of the Joint venture. Specify the name of lead firm and further detail information should be given for Lead firm, only.
  4. Do I get the electronic form of bid documents from website ?
    Bidding documents in Electronic form are kept in the website for information purpose only. To bid a Bidder must purchase the hard copy of Bidding documents as specified in the notice.
  5. If I am bidding through e-submission, do I have to fill the Bidding documents in conventional way ?
    YES. At first, a Bidder must fill and prepare the bidding documents in conventional manner as specified in Instructions to Bidders. For E-submission purpose, the specified documents in Bid data sheet have to be scanned in PDF format and submitted through DOR website. In case of e-submitted bids, submission of original Bid in hard copy is not mandatory. For verification purpose the Employer may request to submit original completed Bid and other clarification documents.
  6. What type of facility does a Bidder need for submission of bid, electronically?
    For e-submission purpose a bidder may need the following facilities like i) uninterruptible electricity power ii) Pentium III or above computer with 128MB RAM (minimum) and PDF version 4 or above iii) Scanner (iv) Adequate Internet Connection v) Skilled Computer operator for use of scanner and creating/opening pdf files.
  7. From when a Bidder can submit the bids, electronically?
    The E-procurement system will accept the e-submission of bids during office hours from the date after publishing of notice and will automatically not allow the e-submission of bid after the deadline for submission of bid. The standard time for e-submission is Nepalese Standard Time as set out on the server of Department of Roads.
  8. Can we submit Withdrawal/ Substitution/ Modification through e-submission?
    YES. Bidder may submit his Withdrawal or Substitution or Modification for the e-submitted bids either through e-submission or in hard copy.
    When a bidder submits his Bid in hard copy the e-procurement section doesn't allow the Bidder to submit his Substitution or Withdrawal or Modification of bids through e-submission.
  9. Is my e-submitted bid is secured and confidential?
    YES. First of all, the e-procurement system has a time bar for assessing your bid from any party including the Employer, Bidder or Administrator. Bidder's e-submitted bids could not be viewed by the Employer till the end of bid submission time. Secondly, the e-submitted bids could not be downloaded by the Employer till it is time for opening of bids. 
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