The main functions of the PPMO are as follows:

  1. Prepare public procurement policy and recommend measures of implementation to the government for improvement and proper functioning of the public procurement system.
  2. Monitor the public procurement law implementation through visit and documentation procedure.
  3. Develop the indicators for the continuous monitoring of the public procurement proceedings.
  4. Advise on public procurement matters for public procurement proceedings
  5. Establish and maintain websites dedicated to public procurement management
  6. Develop and Issue the Standard Bidding Documents for Civil Works, Goods and Consultancy.
  7. Issue manuals, directives, instructions and technical notes for facilitating the procurement proceeding
  8. Coordination in public procurement at all levels including conduction of debarment proceedings,
  9. Develop human resource and professionalism development plan for public procurement, including by arranging training programs for public officials and bidders concerning public procurement, and qualification and certification, and career development schemes for public officials involved in procurement,
  10. Solicit the views of the business community as well as stake holders thoughts on the effectiveness of the procurement system on a regular basis through consultative bodies;
  11. Planning and coordinate foreign technical assistance in the field of public procurement,
  12. Function as a secretariat of the Procurement Review Committee (PRC), and
  13. Present an annual report to GoN reporting on the overall functioning of public procurement system.
Pushpa kamal Dahal (Prachanda)
Pushpa kamal Dahal (Prachanda) Rt. Hon'ble Prime Minister
Bharat Mani Subedi
Bharat Mani Subedi Secretary
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Information Officer
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